I’m creating a Purposeful Life List

“What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.” – Hugh Mulligan When faced with mortality would you be able to say you lived?  I mean really LIVED!  My father gave every ounce of himself to ensure my family had the pleasantries of a happy lifestyle.  He worked, quite often, from 7AM …

Keith AndersenI’m creating a Purposeful Life List

The Star Spangled Banner

I am an American.  Plain and simple.  Born and raised American. Son, grandson, nephew of American soldiers.  I buy American when possible. I will always support American military, teams, athletes, artists, people when it is needed.  I am blessed with a job that supports American military and government.  I am not brash and shove it in your face, push my …

Keith AndersenThe Star Spangled Banner

Sandy Red Cross / Movember Donation Collection

In an attempt to raise funds for charity I signed up to be part of the Movember movement.  Movember is a community aimed towards raising awareness and funds toward men’s health issues.  Primarily Prostate and Testicular Cancer.  The idea is to shave clean on November 1st and grow a mustache throughout the entire month of November. I found the idea …

Keith AndersenSandy Red Cross / Movember Donation Collection

How Developers are Driving the Business Adoption of WordPress [Infographic]

Here is a great infographic on how WordPress is being used by both Companies and Freelance Developers.  The data was compiled from a survey WordPress conducted last summer. How Developers are Driving the Business Adoption of WordPress [Infographic].

Keith AndersenHow Developers are Driving the Business Adoption of WordPress [Infographic]

14 Years Later…

14 years have past and where do I stand now? No different. Still floundering about trying to figure out what exactly I want to do on my site.

14 years ago I had a coworker tell me I needed to setup a website for myself. Why? Well I was helping a few people learn web development and web design and figured others could learn from it. I was attending New York Institute of Technology to study computer graphics. Mainly 3D graphics. I had a dream to get into movie animation. How do I get known or at least the word out that I can do the job? That’s when my coworker says “I can see it now…” About 20 minutes later I owned the domain and had hosting for it.

Keith Andersen14 Years Later…

WordPress › Help Stop SOPA/PIPA

Help Stop SOPA/PIPA Posted January 10, 2012 by Jane Wells. Filed under Community. You are an agent of change. Has anyone ever told you that? Well, I just did, and I meant it. Normally we stay away from from politics here at the official WordPress project — having users from all over the globe that span the political spectrum is …

Keith AndersenWordPress › Help Stop SOPA/PIPA